Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed InventoryAt Depatie Fluid Power, your inventory needs are controlled efficiently by our team of inventory experts. Depatie utilizes bar coding and an advanced electronic data interface to ensure accurate tracking of all inventory products. With Depatie’s vendor-manged inventory services, you have access to up-to-date information on your inventory at all times. Plus, out consolidated monthly billing program combined with auto email confirmations will save you time and money.

Depatie offers a variety of other services which many customers also take advantage of. Thanks to our team of on-staff engineers and designers, many customers also come to Depatie for help on designing their projects from scratch. Depatie also offers superior customer service and speedy turnaround on all deliveries and project completion.

Depatie Inventory Management System

  • A formal program customized to meet your needs.
  • Will be managed by Depatie Value Added personnel.
  • Your applications & situations determine the program.
  • Focuses on eliminating the non-value added costs & increasing efficiency.
  • Is designed to reduce overall inventory,  increase inventory turns, & provide product when & where it is needed.
  • Can encompass products from multiple Parker Divisions, existing Depatie products or from your companies vendors. 

What Is Clear Spider

  • Parker proprietary software that provides an automated purchase order from the customer site
  • Designed to increase order efficiency, eliminate human error & manual order entry
  • Point of use data tracking capability
  • Report generator that provides data to assist in reducing inventory & increasing inventory turns.
  • Auto e-mail confirmation that can be utilized to eliminate customer order entry.

Full VMI Service

  • Depatie manages bins & places order
  • Depatie sends customer-approved P.O.
  • Auto e-mail confirmation
  • Depatie delivers order & stocks bins
  • Depatie offers Consolidated Monthly Billing Program which saves you time and money

Inventory Management  Benchmarking Cost Reductions

  • Inventory reduction plan
  • Inventory turns
  • Procurement costs
  • On-time deliveries
  • Shipping & receiving costs
  • Error-free order entry & processing
  • Consolidated Monthly Billing
  • Space Savings – Increase/Maximize Usable Floor Space
  • Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Training seminars & Inventory Management Support


  • Parker Hannifin System – Worldwide
  • Reduce your cost of purchases
  • Improve your profitability
  • Accurate automated data collection
  • Single order entry point / summary invoice
  • Reduce Vendor Base
  • Blanket PO with no transactions
  • Streamline your procurement process
  • JIT – Reduce stock outs
  • Eliminate manual order entry
  • Reduce human intervention & errors
  • Focus on eliminating non-value added costs