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Why You Need A Pneumatic Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL)

When compressed air is an essential part of your pneumatic system, make sure you’ve got the right pneumatic filter regulator lubricator (FRL) for the job. Each element of the FRL is important for the longevity of your equipment and to prevent costly downtime. When your equipment depends on compressed air for proper operation, you need to understand the importance of each component in a pneumatic FRL. Here’s how they work:

Filter For Purity. The harder they work the more careful we need to be to keep our machinery clean and in working order. When air is processed through a compressor it naturally becomes polluted with heat, small contaminants, and unwanted moisture. Before those hit your downstream equipment, have that air run through an air filter to remove solid particles including dirt and even rust. Filter your air to have the best start possible.

Regulate For Precision. With compressed air too little and too much are equally problematic. Like Goldilocks, your pneumatic system wants everything to be just right. All Parker regulators are built to the highest standards for quality performance, durability and reliability, keeping your air flow within the parameters you set.

Lubricate For Longevity. Adding a fine mist of controlled oil to your air increases machinery performance to optimum levels. Having a uniform lubrication, controlled to a fine micro-mist with particles of 2 micron or smaller, is possible with complex piping arrangements.

Parker offers pneumatic filter regulator lubricators as single or combination units, with a variety of sizes, lightweight corrosion-resistant bodies, durable piston or diaphragm design regulators and fingertip lubricator adjustment. Our staff at our Parker stores are standing by to help you get the parts you need to get your system running as smoothly as possible.