Streamline Your Process, Boost Profits and Simplify Your Operation with Vendor Managed Inventory


Our goal at Depatie Fluid Power Company isn’t just to provide you with the essential parts that you need to keep your business going, we want to become an invaluable asset and a partner in your success. From a single shipment of hydraulic actuators to an ongoing supply of Parker O-rings to complete stock level management with our vendor managed inventory services, we have the tools, parts, components and personnel that you need to keep your processes running smoothly.

In regards to our vendor managed inventory, our aim is to provide you with access to up-to-date inventory information at all times. Performed by our on-staff inventory experts and featuring a simple monthly billing program, our VMI services have the ability to substantially lower your overhead and, as a result, help you keep costs down and profits up. All of this is achieved – perhaps most importantly – without a disruption to your supply chain. We understand that you need a steady flow of parts and components to keep your business running and we strive to keep that chain uninterrupted.

In a recent case, we assisted a major machine builder in reducing their inventory by 40% and their build times by 20%. This was accomplished by implementing a VMI program that consolidated like parts into a single “open and use” package. As a result, employees were able to grab a package and have access to all of the parts that their project required rather than needing to sift through eight to ten different bins for the parts that they needed.

At Depatie Fluid Power, we specialize in the sale and distribution of fluid power and automation components. With our own Parker Store, we have access to a massive number of essential parts and components. Because of this, our vendor managed inventory programs are among the most reliable, most cost-efficient available. If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your profits and simplify stock level management, contact us today to discuss how we can help!