Save Time and Energy with Lightweight Hydraulic Cylinders


When choosing a hydraulic cylinder, you want the pick the right part for the job. However, with the vast list of products and parts involved in hydraulic systems like hydraulic valves, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, and more, it come sometimes get overwhelming to figure out which are the ones you need. And, beyond that, you want to make sure you get the right brand of each part as well.  At Depatie’s Parker Store, we’re sure that you will find the right product for you project, and for a lightweight hydraulic cylinder, you need look no further than Parker brand Lightraulics® hollow piston cylinders.


Innovation in design

Replacing your usual steel cylinders, Lightraulics® hollow piston cylinders on average weigh usually between 1/3 and 1/4 of a steel cylinder’s weight. This makes them less heavy to work with, they can be moved without assistance, and they are easier to locate accurately. Thanks to their corrosion-resistant, lightweight alloy bodies, Lightraulics® hollow piston cylinders are designed for longevity and are made to last. Lightraulics® hollow piston cylinder’s lightweight frames will save your workers time and manpower as well as reduce their risk of injury.


Features bring quality

Lightraulics® hollow piston cylinders have many features and benefits that make them a superior product for you. On top of their lightweight, easy-to-handle design, they also have integrated pressure control valves to avoid damage from overpressure, high-quality wiper rings that protect from dirt, and are available in regular and custom sizes. If you’re looking for a hydraulic cylinder for steel reinforced concrete construction, foundation engineering, or wind turbine engineering, Lightraulics® hollow piston cylinders may be a great choice for you. Whatever custom size you need, Depatie Fluid Power is here to help.


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