Remote Monitoring Keeps Compressed-Air System Flowing Smoothly

When a compressed air system falters, whether it underperforms or is contaminated with oil or water, the resulting pressure drop increases energy consumption in an industrial plant and reduces efficiency of pneumatic tools and equipment. Keeping track of these systems on wired instruments or individual censors requires routine monitoring. Unfortunately, the monitoring can be labor intensive and time intensive, especially for those sensors in remote or hard-to-reach areas of the workplace.

If you’re looking for better ways to measure your compressed air system’s efficiency, especially large, complex systems where spotting problems early is vital, Depatie Fluid Power has a solution. We now have available Parker Hannifin’s Transair, a remote condition monitoring system used with Parker’s quick-connection, no-leak aluminum pipe systems.

Personnel can use the wireless Transair system to remotely monitor critical functions in your compressed air piping system. Any changes, even if they’re only slight, are shown in real time so that maintenance staff can respond quickly and efficiently. As a result, you reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Transair, powered by Scout Technology, measures five critical performance metrics:

  • Pressure
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Flow.

Parker employs a “user-friendly, cloud-based web-based interface” to make it easy to view and analyze data 24/7. You can receive both a quick snapshot and a complete in-depth analysis of your systems compressed air performance at any time.

Does the Transair remote condition monitoring system sound like it’s what you need for your compressed-air operations? Contact Depatie for further details on how Transair can work for your facility.