Regular Inspections Can Ensure That Your Hydraulic Systems Have a Long, Productive Life

If you’re utilizing a hydraulic system, it’s a safe bet that you’d like to extend that system’s lifespan as much as possible. Not just that, it’s fair to say that most owners – and operators – want to avoid costly maintenance and unexpected downtime. To accomplish this, it’s important to regularly inspect all of the parts of your hydraulic system at the beginning and end of every shift. By keeping a log of the system’s status, you will be able to more quickly address critical issues and, more importantly, you will be able to prolong the life of your hydraulic system. At Depatie, we recommend inspecting the following parts on a daily basis:

Cylinders and actuators

Note any pitting, scoring or accumulated fluid. If, at any time, you suspect that metal particles may have been introduced into the system, perform a full – and immediate – flush.

Hose assemblies

Check all hoses for fitting slippage, cracked hoses, corrosion, leaks and other irregularities. If spotted, you should consider replacing these parts before more costly damage occurs.


Operators should always be wary of unpleasant or strong odors, as they may indicate serious problems, such as unsafe temperatures or fluid leaks.


Scout the entire system for leaks, thoroughly and regularly. Anywhere that fluid can escape, contaminants can enter.


Clogged filters or filters that have entered bypass mode should be replace immediately. Thankfully, most filters have an indicator, meaning that this check is quick and easy.

At Depatie Fluid Power Company, we believe that reliable, long-lasting equipment is the result of using quality parts and performing regular inspections. Offering over 3,000 in-stock parts, we carry a staggering number of fittings, diagnostic products, filters, Parker O-rings and more. If you’ve been looking for a trustworthy, experienced partner that will help you keep your equipment running at optimal levels, contact us today to discuss how we can help.