Parker’s Innovative Rubber Seal Materials: Certified to NORSOK M-710 Requirements


Parker SealsWhen looking at something as large as the oil and gas industry, it’s actually quite incredible how you can narrow the focus down to small, individual parts that keep operations running cost-effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s an individual oil rig, a shipping container, or something as small as a rubber seal, there are thousands of pieces contributing. By failing to properly attend to all of these parts and needs, you are missing out on the chance to increase supply chain proficiency and improve your bottom-line.

Parker’s Innovative Rubber Seal Materials

One such part – ever so small in the grand scheme of things – is rubber seals. What they may lack in size, they account for in value. Without a high quality rubber seal solution, the entire supply chain process becomes dangerous and potentially messy, as rubber seals are used to seal in the pressure and temperature of oil in its respective container.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking all rubber seals are created equal. The intense demands of the oil and gas industry require tough, durable, specially formulated materials, and not just any rubber seal will do. To combat against the production of underperforming seals, the industry has put in place standards to assist users and guide customers through the selection and purchase process.

Parker’s Materials Certified to NORSOK M-710 Requirements

When you choose a Parker’s rubber seal, you can rest assured you are getting quality materials. In fact, Parker has specific FEPM, FFKM, FKM, and HNBR formulations that are tested, certified, and proven to meet the NORSOK M-710 and API 6A requirements.

Not only does the Parker’s family of certified materials meet these industry requirements, they can hold up in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Some materials range from as low as -45 degrees C (-49 degrees F) all the way up to extremely high temperatures hovering around 320 degrees C (600 degrees F).

Whether you’re looking for seals for use in drilling, valves, control systems, production, or other applications, the Parker’s family of tested, certified, and proven oil and gas materials come with peace of mind. It’s time to quit trusting your business with underperforming, unproven rubber seals and switch to Parker seals.

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