Learn All About the Capabilities of Depatie Fluid Power Company

If you’re looking for a new provider for your business’ essential hose and automation products, it pays to arm yourself with all of the information that you need to make a reasoned decision. Does the provider that you’re looking at offer all of the fluid power products that you need? Do they have access to the distributors that you are currently doing business with? Do they offer additional services that aim to ease the logistical burden of your day-to-day operations? If your supplier hasn’t answered these questions, then you aren’t in possession of the tools and knowledge that you need to run your business confidently. In this post, we’re going to look at Depatie’s capabilities and, more importantly, discuss how we aim to help you streamline every aspect of your operation.

Full line Parker distributor

As a full line Parker distributor with our own ParkerStore, we offer an unparalleled range of fluid power products. Whether you’re looking for simple fluid connectors or complex hydraulic accumulators, we have the ability to source any – and all – of the parts that you need to maintain your uptime.

No minimum order policy

Sometimes you only need a couple of replacement parts… so why commit to a major order just to receive them? Depatie doesn’t force you to stuff your order to meet minimum requirements. We want our customers to order only the parts they need, when they need them.

Vendor managed inventory

Offering vendor managed inventory for all of our customers, we strive to simplify the inventory process. By alleviating the burden of tracking and ordering, we help our customers focus on what’s important: maintaining the productivity of their operation.

At Depatie Fluid Power Company, we pride ourselves on offering the industry’s most comprehensive selection of fluid power products. If you’ve been looking for a trusted, proven vendor that will rise to the challenges that your operation presents, contact us today to discuss how we can help.