How Parker Hannifin Designs to Eliminate Noise Generation in Hydraulic Systems

In hydraulic systems, noise is typically caused by mechanical stress and pulses of fluid leaving the pump. However, a number of other, smaller reasons can contribute to a noisy – and inefficient – hydraulic system. Because of this, many small sources of noise often coalesce to form a significant – and hard to identify – problem. This noise can cause a number of issues on your plant’s floor, from operator injury to unexpected downtime. Thankfully, Depatie’s leading supplier, Parker Hannifin, has gone to great lengths help companies eliminate noise generation in their hydraulic equipment.

Usually, when addressing noise generation, manufacturers will add attenuators that can be tuned to cancel the noise out. While effective, attenuators tend to be expensive and often take up additional – and important – space on the factory floor. Aiming to avoid these compromises, Parker set out to develop a cost-effective method of noise elimination that featured a small footprint.

With the utilization of thermoplastic fiber reinforced hose, Parker has effectively found a way to eliminate noise in power steering systems, hydrostatic pumps, pump outlets, motor inlet/outlet and PTOs. Constructed of smooth bore polymer inner cores, high strength fibers and a polymer jacket, these hoses are available in pressure ratings from 500 to 7500 psi.

If you’ve been looking for a way to protect your employees from the damaging effects of harmful noise, the team at Depatie is well-positioned to address your needs. Bolstered by the amazing product lines available through our Parker Store, we can help you identify your issue, discover a solution and implement a swift, effective fix. To learn more about Parker Hannifin, thermoplastic fiber reinforced hoses and the noise elimination products available from Depatie, we encourage you to reach out to us today!