Depatie – Your Partner In Problem Solving


Our customers are problems solvers. They come to us with challenges because they know we are too. At Depatie we’re always ready to help you work through your challenges – whether you need us to support you in your process or work with you to discover new solutions. The payoff to over 60 years of experience is we’re fully versed in best practices and safety protocols. We can help you evaluate your situation and work with you to find a solution.

Simplify Your Fluid Power Projects

A solution we’re proud to offer is our custom packaging and kiting service. We know your time is valuable, we want to streamline your inventory and maximize your usable floor space. Our Outside Sales Reps can work with you to create custom kits. A single kit can contain all parts needed to build a specific piece of equipment. They can even contain sub-kits of fittings, hoses, seals, and valves. Let us help you reduce time spent on creating and checking in purchase orders.

Work With An Engineer

If you need help with your hydraulic, pneumatic, or filtration systems, our on-staff engineers can meet with you to work on solutions. We will help you assess your situation and generate alternative ideas that solve your challenges. Use our expertise to supplement your existing skills. We know that sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes.

Whatever your project, we are ready to help you focus on solutions.  We excel at looking at all sides of your challenge and offering a variety of options. Put our years of experience to work for you – all part of our “customer first” philosophy. Call us or come in to one of our locations to get connected with a Depatie staff members. Let’s get started.