Prevent Leaks With Proper Brass Fittings

Leaky machinery and equipment are a huge no-no on any job site, whether it’s in the factory or while working on new construction outdoors. Whatever the case may be, the potential for injuries or accidents on the job increase when leaks occur. These leaks can cause improper lubrication in the machinery, or even premature wear and tear on the equipment. These issues are serious concerns for workers, which means that they need the right fittings on their equipment to prevent leaks at all costs. For the best leak protection, consider going with brass fittings for their great reputation for reliability and safety on the job.

With brass fittings, you will have fewer worries when it comes to creating potentially dangerous situations in a manufacturing setting. Brass fittings are resistant to corrosion, so they won’t wear down quickly as the equipment is used. Meanwhile, they are also highly durable, so even the most heavy duty equipment won’t be able to break them down quickly. Brass fittings are not all made the same way, however, so it’s important to get your fittings only from a reliable manufacturer. Parker Hannafin is one of the leading manufacturers of brass fittings in the country, meaning that they can always be counted on to provide high-quality, reliable fittings for your project. They provide high purity and process fittings in hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation styles to ensure that you get the right fit and size.

If you’re interested in getting Parker Hannafin brass fittings, you’ll be relieved to find out that Depatie Fluid Power Company is actually a leading distributor of these types of fittings. They have two locations in western Michigan, each of which has its own Parker Store where you can shop for a wide variety of brass fittings to get the right product for your needs.